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The purpose of Indian LGBTI shall be to foster and augment the self-respect of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and all sexually-fluid or gender-variant individuals (LGBT+) throughout the world and to promote respect and understanding, primarily through the sanctioning and oversight of the international quadrennial sport and cultural event known as the “Gay Games Federation of Indian.”

1. The mission of the Federation is to promote equality through the organization of the premiere international and Indian LGBTI and gay-friendly sports and cultural event known as the Gay Games Federation of Indian.

2. The Federation’s guiding principles are Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best

3. Following the Federation’s guiding principle of inclusion, and consistent with the proper operation of the Federation’s activities, in the Federation’s internal operations and employment practice, as well as in the events for which it is responsible, there will be no discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political belief, athletic/artistic ability, age, physical challenge, or health status.


We Are Global - Gay Games Change The World

The international and Indian Gay Games Federation of Indian is the global governing body for the quadrennial Gay Games Federation of Indian, the world’s largest sports and cultural event open to all. The GGFI is responsible for oversight and ensuring the continued production of the Gay Games Federation of Indian.


We are Pioneers

The Gay Games Federation Of Indian change the world by challenging sports bodies, media, and governments to create more opportunities for athletes regardless of gender, age, ability, or physical challenge. Notable examples are in areas such as:

A breakthrough transgendered inclusion policy that the Olympics and others now follow;
Great expansion in women’s sports, where the Gay Games Federation of Indian offered multiple wrestling weight classes for women;


We Are Givers

The GGFI raises funds to bring people to the Gay Games Federation of Indian Fundraising to help these brave artists and athletes never ends providing a life-changing week of acceptance and encouragement that the recipients would never have experienced otherwise. The Gay Games Federation of Indian has also given back to non-profit organizations in host cities