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Who we are?

We are athletes, artists, and activists in India, united to support the Gay Games Federation of Indian.

What we do?

The Gay Games Federation of Indian promotes equality in and through all games and culture through India & international LGBTI+.

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The Gay Games Federation of Indian establish in 2018 in India is a first body to work for LGBTI in all games all culture activies in all India. Our goal is to promote equality for all, and in particular for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and inter people throughout in the india & international.

These athletes, artists, and activists unite every years for an event that has literally changed the global. Participating in the LGBTI Games has been a life-changing experience. The Gay Games Federation of Indian to witness “Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best, first-hand and see the collective power of those values.

As the India largest games and cultural event open to all, the Gay Games Federation of Indian have created and nurtured a movement that has become among the greatest forces for community empowerment and social change & exchange programs.

Section 377 of the IPC

You’re Not Alone. And We are Here to Help!

Section 377 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) is an archaic law, introduced by the British during 1860, which criminalises certain sexual acts describing them as “unnatural offences”. This involves sexual acts between consenting adults (both homosexual and heterosexual adults), even within the privacy of their rooms.

Gay Games History.

The event was started in San Francisco in 1982, as the brainchild of Tom Waddell, and was originally called the Gay Olympics. After threatened legal action from the IOC, the name was changed to the Gay Games, which it has had ever since. The Gay Games has been held every four years. The next event is the 10th Gay Games, to be held in Paris, France, from August 4-12, 2018.

A ‘Gay Olympics’ – are gay people not allowed at the Olympics?
  • ‘Gay Olympics’ is just a nickname for the Gay Games. With 10,000 participants from over 60 countries taking part in over 30 sports, it’s a big multi-sport international event, like those more famous Games.

  • Gay people can participate in the Olympics and do. For example, Matthew Mitcham won gold for Australia in diving.

Gay Games - Isn't it a discrimination?
The Games get their name because they are a sporting and cultural festival run by the LGBT community, for everyone, to promote the values of inclusion, participation and building a tolerant community through shared participation in sport.
Where does the idea come from?
  • Sadly homophobia can be an issue. Either in sport or in people’s memory of homophobic bullying related to sport in school. But gay people like to be fit and active like anyone else. As a result, over time, lots of sports groups have been set up for the LGBT community and their supporters.

  • The concept of the Gay Games is for LGBT run sport groups to come together to celebrate their passion for building community through sport. One thing we love about the idea is that anyone can participate regardless of sexuality or physical ability.


The mission of the Indian and International Gay Games Federation is to promote equality through the organization of the premiere Indian and international LGBTI and gay-friendly sports and cultural event known as the Gay Games Federation of Indian

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